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Solutions for Multi-unit: get the best mortgage rates

A multi-unit mortgage broker

Maximize your investment

Thanks to the expertise of Denis Nadeau, you will be guided throughout the process of financing an income property with the guarantee of a favorable mortgage. This mortgage broker knows the essentials of a mortgage loan. Rest assure as he will advise you on the finest rate, terms and more. You will have the top financial product of more than 30 financial institutions.

Why choose a broker specialized in multi-units?

The profession of commercial mortgage broker specialized in multi-units, is rather rare in Quebec. It requires experience and a vast knowledge of the real estate market in addition to knowing the characteristics of loans of this scale. By choosing a broker who specializes in multi- units you significantly increase your chances of getting the best financing offer.

«Denis Nadeau works in your best interest.»

Dedicated Services for Income Properties

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Whether you are a real estate developer, a management group representative or a junior investor, Denis Nadeau will provide you with expert advice; he will help you find the best mortgage financing offer. Being well aware that each mortgage is unique, he will first proceed to the analysis of your file and will find solutions entirely adapted to your needs.

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Getting a multi-unit loan with Denis Nadeau

The importance of the loan-value ratio for your multi-unit:

As a specialized mortgage broker, Denis Nadeau places significance on each condition of your loan. That’s why he will not only give you a favorable interest rate; he’ll also provide you with the best loan-to-value ratio. Thus, you will have access to more financial leverage for your projects.

A wide range of financing options:

With his experience as a commercial mortgage broker, Denis Nadeau has developed privileged relationships with financial institutions, traditional, and non-traditional lenders. To finance your Multi-Unit mortgage, he has access to more than 30 recognized financial institutions in Canada and will submit your application to the most advantageous one.

Unparalleled availability:

Denis Nadeau knows the importance of being informed about the real estate market. Therefore, he insures his clients the maximum accessibility where all their questions and inquiries will be answered. He is available during week days and weekends. With this multi-unit mortgage broker, you are constantly up to date and you’ll never miss a business opportunity.