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A mortgage broker who ensures your success

Financial expertise you can rely on

Being one of the few mortgage brokers specialized in the field of multi-unit and commercial loans, Denis Nadeau is familiar with the real estate market. In addition to being up to date with the latest conferences and programs in the field, you can also count on his 8 years of experience in the field of construction. Moreover, he carries out multi-residential and commercial projects in collaboration with a firm of real estate consultants.

These skills enable him to provide you the expert advice you need, eliminate any difficulty throughout the process of obtaining a mortgage, and makes your life easier. His wit and communication skills make him an outstanding negotiator with the financial institutions, a major asset in the mortgage brokerage profession.

Soon, his company will become the only commercial franchise in Quebec: Commercial Group. He has also just completed a course that allows him to perform the duties of a real estate agency director. All of which prove the expertise and passion of the mortgage broker Denis Nadeau!

Your best interest comes first

Passion and proactivity:

As a mortgage broker specialized in commercial and multi-unit loans, Denis Nadeau does not just find any offer, he promises you the best one.  This includes finding the best interest rate available and the loan-to-value ratio. He believes that it’s essential to find a superior financial product, and he will do what it takes to insure that you get it!

Speed and accessibility:

At the time of a commercial transaction or before signing a mortgage, it is necessary to get quick answers and be responsive when an opportunity arises. That’s why Denis Nadeau makes sure to quickly return your calls and insures you around the clock availability and accessibility. No matter when you need him, he will be there for you!

Efficiency and precision:

In order to offer you savvy solutions and advantageous offers, Denis Nadeau first studies your file and gets to know you better. He believes each mortgage transaction is unique, that is why it is essential to carry out a complete analysis before taking action!

A mortgage broker who takes care of you

Denis Nadeau looks out for you. He ensures to offer you advantageous transactions with respect to the Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage Act. It is also governed by the Quebec’s self-regulatory organization for real estate brokerage (OACIQ).

A wide network of professionals

In order to offer you the best service, Denis Nadeau collaborates with several professionals to facilitate your transactions. Lawyers, notaries, insurance brokers or appraisers, he would even recommend you other reliable specialists.