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Mortgage Broker

Louis Cliche

Having spent most of his professional life leading businesses, he now puts this experience to the benefit of his clients in order to properly define their financing needs and direct them to the institution with the best product for them.

During his 30 years in the automotive industry, he has achieved great success through his focus on sound business management and high quality customer service. In this regard, he has won several prestigious awards, including the “Triple Crown Trophy” awarded to the leader with the best management of his company.

This experience led him to a second career: Real Estate. After the real estate crisis in the United States, he had the opportunity, in 2009, together with other investors, to set up a real estate investment company that specialized in buying and reselling of houses, condos and land in Florida. With the use of a major seed fund, they first acquired properties in Miami and West Palm Beach, as well as several properties located elsewhere on the east coast of Florida.

And now … being part of Denis Nadeau’s Commercial Group team as a commercial mortgage broker, he will simplify your transaction to ensure success and credibility.

Specialized in multi-housing and commercial, he offers you all the mortgage products of several financial institutions, he is independent, objective and works for you and not for the lender. He will advise you well while offering you a fast, professional and transparent service.