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Chartered Mortgage Broker, DA, CHA

Denis Nadeau

After 8 years in the field of construction, Denis decided not to import for him, nor to finance them, but to build them. He is enrolled at the Quebec Real Estate College and has returned to the required studies in this field.

Authorized short film, Denis had the taste to go further. His rigor and his passion for the job led him to be determined to run his own agency one day. In addition, his skills and expertise have been recognized as a mortgage agency by Dominion and he has been successful in obtaining the Dominion franchise in Quebec. His desire to serve the customer is at the forefront of his daily life.
Denis Nadeau is a mortgage broker who tirelessly analyzes the market. You must offer personalized service and find the best financing product for your business or income building. Available and proactive, he is convinced that each transaction is unique, and that is why he remains on the lookout for more advantageous financial products for all his clients. Moreover, he trades with more than 30 financial institutions. So you can get an exception that saves you thousands of dollars. Mortgage broker specializing in commercial loans and multi-housing financing, it goes without saying.

An implication that proves your expertise and the passion of mortgage broker! Values ​​that put your interests first.